Mount qcow2 file

Tutorial to access the contents of a .qcow2 file on a Linux server.

NBD activation

# Installation of Qemu tools
sudo apt-get -y install qemu-utils

# NBD activation
sudo modprobe nbd max_part=8

# Connect the image as a nbd disc
sudo qemu-nbd --connect=/dev/nbd0 <image.qcow2>

To check the partitions available on the disk use the following command: sudo fdisk -l /dev/nbd0

Use an LVM type volume

# Refresh volumes
sudo pvscan
sudo vgscan
sudo lvscan

# Activate a new found volume
sudo vgchange -ay

# Mount the partition in /mnt
sudo mount /dev/mapper/<lvm-partition> /mnt

# List and display files on the mounted partition
ls /mnt

Deactivate the volume

# Unmount the LVM partition
sudo umount /mnt

# Unmount volume
sudo vgchange -an <lv-volume>

# Disconnect NBD Image
sudo qemu-nbd -d /dev/nbd0

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