Cloud server hosting

Cloud hosting allows better configuration flexibility for optimal performance.

Why a cloud server hosting?

Hosting a server in the cloud allows greater flexibility since we have administrative access to the server. It is then possible to install and configure the software necessary for optimal performance.

It allows more secure isolation than having shared hosting.

When do i need a cloud server?

There are several reasons that might require cloud hosting, for example:

  1. You need to host an e-commerce? The isolation of your website allows better security, you will also have guaranteed material resources. You will then have better performance and stability than shared hosting.
  2. You need to host non-standard software?
  3. You need to host your corporate emails? Using a shared server makes you vulnerable to being blacklisted by other users or websites hosted on the same server as you.
  4. etc...

How can we help you?

We will help you plan and set up the necessary infrastructure and software for your project. We will guide you in your choices of software, hardware, issues of high availability, backup and security.

Need support only?

No problem, we already rent servers from several suppliers such as AWS, OVH, Azure and we are used to working with them. We are able to help you manage your accounts regardless of the supplier.

Specific need?

Let us know what you are looking for and it will be our pleasure to assist you.

Here are some cloud hosting packages available:


99.95 $/ month

  • 2 vCore / 8 GB Ram
  • 50 GB SSD RAID Local
  • 50GB of space for backup
  • Linux distribution of your choice
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149.95 $/ month

  • 4 core / 16 GB Ram
  • 100 GB SSD RAID Local
  • 250GB of space for backup
  • Linux distribution of your choice
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  • Choose the number of cores
  • Choose memory
  • Choose disk space
  • Panel : cPanel / Plesk
  • Monitoring 24/7
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