Converting to HTTPS

Migrate your website to HTTPS is easy.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is used to encrypt data between a visitor and your website via. Such a process is necessary to keep the data exchanged private between your server and your visitor.

Does my site need an SSL certificate?

SSL certificate is necessary to protect the data exchanged via your website.

Since July 2018, Google Chrome (version 68) has added the mention "Not Secure" to the address bar for web page that does not use an SSL certificate (HTTPS portocol) in order to warn your visitors that their data will be transmitted from unsafe way.

Certificat SSL

What does the conversion to HTTPS involve?

Our experts first analyze the source code and make the necessary adjustments to your website to ensure compatibility.

We then proceed to the installation of an SSL certificate on your web hosting.

We are making changes to all links on your website to point to the HTTPS version.


Why an SSL certificate?


An SSL certificate allows secure information exchange on your website.


Using the HTTPS protocol gives your visitors confidence that your site is safe.


Search engines like Google prioritize the rank of websites using the HTTPS protocol.

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