Web hosting migration

Migration of your website to another server without downtime.

Can you migrate my website?

Yes! We regularly migrate websites from one hosting provider to another. Our experts are able to do the migration, regardless of the size of the website.

How can you help us?

Migrating a website requires planning to keep migration time to a minimum. Domain management (NS), DNS management, website forwarding, email forwarding are all things our experts are able to do.

What does a migration consist of?

DNS preparation

DNS is responsible for pointing your domain to the IP address of a defined server. The DNS protocol uses a cache time (TTL) for each entry. At this stage, we decrease the cache time. When we are ready to change the record then the propagation will be much faster.

Create a backup

A backup of your web hosting is made. Databases, emails, source code, etc.

Restore on the new host

We restore the backup on the new host and ensure that the backup is functional.


If it is possible and depending on the need, we set up a data synchronization system between the two servers to avoid the loss of important data.

DNS modification

We finally proceed to the modification of the DNS records necessary for your domain to point to the new hosting server.

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