Website optimization

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Why is speed important?

The speed of a website will guarantee its success. No one likes to wait and search engines prioritize sites fast.

If your website takes more than 2 seconds to load, your visitors may abandon your site and will have an impact on SEO.

Why is my site slow?

A website can be slow for several reasons: its server or web hosting configuration, number and size of media loaded, programming, etc.

Your website can follow most of the recommendations and still be slow. Only a complete diagnosis can identify the causes and correct the problems.

How do I deal with performance issues?

Choice and configuration of web hosting

Choosing a good hosting system can dramatically improve the speed of a website. Using a private system, or even multiple servers, can increase the number of people who can simultaneously connect to your site or web application.

Media optimization

Using a well formatted media as needed will save precious seconds when loading a website. For example, a banner of 12MB can take a long time to load over a cellular connection.

Implementation of caching

Most CMS system dynamically generates pages when they are invoked. The system will then load features and often do dozens of requests to the database in order to return the same page. The use of caching system makes it possible to avoid the re-execution of a code.

Use of a content distribution network

Using a CDN will reduce the transfer distance between the hosting server and the visitor, which helps reduce latency.

Distributing the load across multiple servers

Load balancing allows visitors who visit your website to be distributed over several servers.

Source code optimization

Optimizing a dynamic website often goes through several rounds of trial and error depending on the objectives to be achieved. Some parts of the site or app may be more problematic than others.

Optimization example

Here's an example we documented for optimizing a standard WordPress website:

Optimizing WordPress with Nginx

Here are some packages available:

WordPress optimization

starting at

199.95 $

  • Web hosting verification
  • Cache system installation and configuration
  • Setting up a CDN
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Site optimization

starting at

449.95 $

  • Web hosting verification
  • Cache system installation and configuration
  • Setting up a CDN
  • Source code validation
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Deluxe optimization

starting at

999.95 $

  • Web hosting verification
  • Cache system installation and configuration
  • Setting up a CDN
  • Source code optimization
  • MySQL optimization
  • Load testing
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