WordPress site malware removal

Disinfection and securing of your WordPress website.

Why my WordPress site was hacked?

Website developers use several "plugins", some of them have security holes which allow hackers to take control of your website. They can then use your website's server resources for a variety of things, such as spamming, attacks against another site, fishing, crypto, etc.

What to do now?

You must first clean the content of the files and secure your WordPress. Hackers usually affect dozens of files by adding a code to them that allows them to access your website again.

What does disinfection consist of?

Taking your website offline

When a site is hacked, the best thing to do is prevent a hacker from using it. Taking your site offline allows this.

Create a backup copy

A backup of your web hosting is made. Databases, emails, source code, etc.


Checking all files and plugins on your website to remove code that is not legitimate.

Updating and securing

Your website or the installed plugins were probably not up to date, so it's time to update.

Modification of hosting passwords, database, WordPress user, WordPress encryption key.

Add protection software

We finally add protection software, it could be from a WordPress plugins and to the use an WAF (Web Application Firewall).

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